What are the Types of Documentary Films?

Here’s a really helpful list of types of documentary films.

My earliest films were poetic, I was more interested in exploring the art of film than its documentary potential. In many ways that hasn’t changed very much. I consider myself a nonfiction filmmaker but not really a documentarian. I’m not so much interested in issues of Truth and Representation – but feelings of being there, being with, feeling together. I stopped making overtly artistic short films because frankly, they are unwatchable. I got a kick out of it – but I’m probably the only one. My films since Pimachihowan and The Genius of the Violin have been in the same mode though in my most recent film John Wort Hannam is a Poor Man I try to lighten the mood a little. Perhaps because of our energy together and because John is so funny as a person. Which brings me to my point, while it’s useful to know the different types of documentaries, it’s also important to realize that almost none of the filmmakers listed would agree to being categorized in one particular style (I’ll say more about this in a later post about Cinema Verite in America)

Documentaries can be split into six different forms. The following has been inspired by Bill Nichols books Introduction to Documentary (2001) and Representing Reality (1991). and taken from (http://www.girishshambu.com/blog/2006/12/six-types-of-documentary.html)…

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