Ethnofiction theory and practice


“The film project Transfiction was initated by Johannes Sjöberg as part of a practice-based PhD in Drama of at the University of Manchester. The project has developed beyond the PhD practice into the two films Drama Queens and Rome, Open Salon, that will be released as part of the screen practice as research initiatives at the Centre for Screen Studies.”

A discussion of ethnofiction, Jean Rouch and the film Transfiction by Johannes Sjoberg:

“In 1955, filmmaker and anthropologist Jean Rouch made Les Maîtres Fous, considered the first film of the ethnofiction genre. Ethnofiction, a branch of Docufiction, blurs the line between documentary and fiction, using actors and scripts (or, in some cases, improvisation) to portray and represent ethnographic issues. Although it is sometimes a difficult genre to define, according to Wikipedia (often a useful source in defining such contemporary terms), it can refer to “any fictional creation with an ethnographical background.”

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